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All the atoms and subatomic particles making up the human body are also a kind of frozen energy as well. This means people can be considered complex bundles of frozen energy. Since all energy vibrates and oscillates at different rates, then, at least at the atomic level, the human body is really composed of different kinds of vibrating energy. The term “Vibrational Energy Medicine” comes from this fact. More specifically, vibrational medicine is an approach to the diagnosis and treatment of illness based upon the idea that we are all unique energy systems. By using a Vibrational Energy Medicine approach, it is possible to diagnose different types of illnesses based on a knowledge of the different frequencies of energy that can be measured coming from the human body. This idea is certainly not new. For example, many doctors routinely order electrocardiograms (EKGs) on patients as a part of their yearly exams. The electrical energy coming from the heart can give doctors information about whether the heart is functioning properly.
Thus, the measurement of the heart’s electrical energy, as simple EKG, is actually a form of Vibrational Energy Medicine diagnosis.
The concept of the body as a complex system is part of a new scientific worldview gradually gaining acceptance in the eyes of modern medicine.
The older, yet prevailing, view of the human body is still based upon an antiquated model of human functioning that sees the body as a sophisticated machine. In this old worldview, the heart is merely a mechanical pump, the kidney a filter of blood, and the muscles and skeleton a mechanical framework of pulleys and levers. The old worldview is based upon Newtonian physics. The Newtonian scientists viewed the universe itself as a gigantic machine, somewhat like a great clock. It followed, that the human body was a machine as well.

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