Certified Biofeedback Therapist: Ulle Toomeoja

Love, forgiveness, anger, hatred and a feeling of joy
I divorced after nine years of marriage. I was left with two small children and my husband went to live with my best girlfriend. I could not forgive them. I hated them both. My mother suggested I go to Ulle Toomeoja who uses the L.I.F.E. system. Without knowing anything about me previously, she detected in the first session that I have a problem with love and forgiveness. Ulle claimed that the during the first session it is important to address these issues.
After the session, I felt tired and went home to bed. Waking up in the morning, I began to cry after that I felt a sense of relief. Something in me had changed. I felt love again and wanted to share it. The same evening I called my ex-husdand and her friend. Saying that, I love them both and wished them all the best.
In the second session, Ulle balanced my anger and hatred and strengthened joy and compassion. After that, I started to communicate with people and have found some new girlfriends. I began to feel joy in little things like beautiful weather, good food, etc.
Anita, 45 years, Syracuse NY.

Fear, mental and physical violence
I am a businesswoman (acquisition of 200 spectators flock) and I have 4 children (18 -, 16 -, 14 -, 12 years old). Family livelihood and other responsibilities were on my shoulders. My husband was an alcoholic. He beat me and the children. We all lived mental terror and fear for a long time. I had a feeling of hopelessness, and I could not change anything in my life. My neighbor suggested I go to Ulle Toomeoja L.I.F.E to therapy.
After the session I went home and I was very tired. I rested for several days. After the third day I felt increased energy, and a new desire to change my life dramatically. I did not want to live with my husband. Also, I was not afraid of him anymore. I was ready to fight on my children’s behalf. In the same week, I hired a new lawyer for carrying out the divorce. The process took a long time and was very stressful on me and the children, one who was in the hospital after an assault by my husband. During this time, the children and I went for therapy every month to overcome fear, emotional trauma, physical and mental abuse with L.I.F.E machine vibrations. My children and I are very grateful to the Ulle. Finally, I feel happy and free. In addition, my business has progressed and increased income.
Michele, 47 years, Syracuse NY

Self-esteem, hatred, love, fear, trust, a feeling of joy
After 15 years of divorce, I hated men, and rejected all freely. I felt myself miserable and lonely. My self-esteem was very low. I heard about Ulle and L.I.F.E. system from my friend and I decided to go for help.
The first L.I.F.E. session brought equilibrium to my emotional state (self-esteem, hatred, love). A few days after the L.I.F.E. session, I felt like weight had been taken off the shoulders. I felt a sense of lightness of heart and I began to sing. I do not even remember the last time I sang. A week later, I met a single man. We started to write on the Internet, and we got together. We have developed a close relationship. I was surprised that I could fall in love after many years. In the second session my fears, trust and a sense of joy were brought into balance. Today I live with the same man, and I am very happy. I am grateful to my friends and who led me to Ulle.
Charlotte, 52 years, Syracuse NY

Physical violence, emotional trauma
My 14-year-old son, who is in special education classes, lost his power of speech one day. I was convinced that my son had suffered physical violence or trauma. I was recommended to contact Ulle for a session of L.I.F.E therapy. A few days after my son began to talk to my brothers and me. At first, he spoke very little. Basically, answered simple questions. After one week he became more active and energetic and started his own stories. Also he began to make jokes, to make decisions, to play football with the other boys in the neighborhood. It also improved his concentration span and his motivation to learn new things.
Son’s mother June, Syracuse NY

Self-esteem, emotional conflicts, fear, love
I was very humble, and my quality of life was suffering. I was afraid to talk to people. I have not found a suitable job, which would have been pleasing to me. Most of my life I’ve been unemployed. A friend mentioned I should go and try L.I.F.E. therapy. In the first session, the analysis of data from machine confirmed I have a low self-esteem, and it is inherited genetically. The consultation took longer than scheduled. Ulle said that the session would not stop until I was balanced, and worked past my allotted time. After the session, I felt that I wanted to change my life, and I had more energy. First, I decided to change my appearance. I bought a new style of clothes and went to the barber. Next, I began to actively look for work in car sales companies, as I like to deal with cars. I found a suitable job.
During thesecond session, Ulle offset my emotional conflicts of fear, love, joy and compassion. After that, I felt relieved, like a stone had fallen out of my heart. A few weeks later, I found my bride to be. I never previously had a serious relationship with women. Ulle changed my life completely. I am grateful to Ulle and I am telling others about what happened to me after just two L.I.F.E sessions.
John, 30 years, Syracuse NY

Emotional trauma, fear, physical and psychological violence
I served in the U.S. Army during the Iraq War. Psychological trauma endured after the war, which was associated with war memories. Every day, 3-4 times a day, memories of atrocities would cause me to have uncontrollable shivering and a feeling of deep cold. I would have to pull over and stop driving my car when it occurred. The doctors at the V.A, called these images PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
I heard that that a therapist with an energy balancing system that would help, was coming to Chicago and I decided to make an appointment. To my relief, the next day after the first session, I had no PTSD symptoms. I am very happy to say that one year later, I no longer have those terrible visions. To know that I can get through the whole day without PTSD symptoms has allowed my life to return back to normal. Somehow, the L.I.F.E system has eliminated the negative physical effects of these traumatic memories.
David, 33 years old, Chicago IL

I have had tinnitus for the last six years, and I have not been able to sleep well since. I have visited various doctors and specialists, but have gotten no help. Doctors would say that I am delusional and that they can find nothing wrong with me. This year, the noise got so loud, when I mentioned it to my family, they wanted to take me to a psychiatrist for examination. I heard from my holistic doctor about the L.I.F.E system therapy, how it works on retuning the body, so I made an appointment. After the initial session, the ringing in my ear decreased by 70%. That was the first night in years that I had slept since the ringing started. I was so happy when I woke up in the morning. My entire family was relieved as well due to the stress I was causing them. I went back for two more appointment and the noise I was hearing for all those year is almost completely gone.
Isabella, 67 years old, Chicago IL

Depression, emotional trauma, self-love, a feeling of joy, intuition, mental blocks, finding a solution, trust
I have been depressed the past three years. I was apathetic – I could not do anything about it and did not want anyone to see me. After work, I was sitting at home and basically slept all the time. I tried different drugs to no benefit and then a friend recommended I try L.I.F.E. therapy.
A few days after the first session, I felt renewed energy. I started cleaning out my house. When I finished, I wanted to do something more interesting. So I made plans to go camping with my friends. While driving down the road, I felt a lightness and a sense of liberation. I felt that I should be more a part of the world and I started at the end of each day to take small nature hikes. After the second session I had a desire to engage with art. I started to paint pictures of nature. I found a hobby for my two new favorite pastimes, being outside in nature and drawing. After the third session, I felt that I could finally deal with the positive and negative traits of people. Also, I was spending more time with my friends and was going to more events. I did not need any more antidepressant medications. The LIFE system allowed me to open up to my friends and enjoy my hobbies. I am happy that my life has changed.
Frank, 46 years old, Syracuse NY

Stress and fatigue
I am a local factory owner. I work 12-14 hours a day, loboring under exhaustion and a lack of energy. I started finding it difficult to make decisions and find solutions to the problems raised. I was easily aggravated with my employees if they did something wrong. After the first L.I.F.E. session, in the morning at work, I felt that I did not get upset when everything did not go the way I wanted. When necessary, I took immediate action to solve problems, and I was able to make the right decisions quickly. It seemed to me that my energy level was multiplied. I had time to take in new customers and engage with them. As I have become more efficient, and more focused, got significantly increase the volume of sales and factory revenue. I have L.I.F.E. therapy once a month to keep myself in the best mental shape.
Craig, 42 years old, Syracuse NY

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