May 2013, ESTONIA
Janika Vaikjarv talks about her experience on L.I.F.E system
Most technologically advanced bioresonance system.
Blood analysis without using blood sample.
Stomach analysis without scope.
Organ conditions without analysis.
No use of medical history.

Your energy field talks more than the physical body. Most people know that besides their physical body they also have an energy field that is not visible. Energy fields from the body store and transmit vast amounts of information. Our energy fields contains out thoughts, feelings, memories and emotional traumas. The data collected, mirrors the bodies harmonious state of well being, to help detect stressors and problems. The L.I.F.E system detects this information to determine different stresses in the energy field.

What is L.I.F.E system?
The L.I.F.E system detects stresses inside the body at the electromagnetic level. The sensitivity of the equipment detects vibrations that are similar to Chinese meridian systems and the newest knowledge of quantum physics of the human body energy field. In the body there is energy force that is connected with every cell, organ, thought and feeling. L.I.F.E system detects imbalances and blockages within the energy field and sends to the body square wave electromagnetic signals that neutralize stressors and balances the system.
I arrive for my session and I’m greeted with a smile from registered therapist, Ulle Toomeoja. She has spent the last 12 years in the USA and for the past 4 years has made the L.I.F.E system her everyday work. Ulle earned her chemistry degree in Estonia and she has also earned a second degree from Canada in Biofeedback Therapy. Ulle currently operates bioresonance machines in the USA and Canada. In Canada, health insurance plans pay for sessions. Ulle has gotten remarkable results for many different physical and emotional conditions. Her clients, include doctors, office workers, business leaders and many others. She also serves children who have been professional referred with physical and psychological abuse, because psychotherapy is too traumatic for child.
I enter the room and I’m first introduced to the P.I.P (Polycontrast Imaging Photography) Energy Field System. I remove my blouse, and while standing my energy field picture immediately appears on the computer screen in vivid colors. Ulle starts talking about the image of my throat, lungs and kidneys. I see on computer screen that these areas mentioned are different colors than other areas of my body. It is simply explained that these certain colors represent photon emissions and are highlighting the stress areas of my body. Ulle explains that these highlighted areas will now be more closely looked at with L.I.F.E system.
Next Ulle has me sit down to begin the L.I.F.E system session. Rubber harness detectors are comfortably placed around my hands, feet and head that will communicate data with the computer. Ulle translates the information gathered and determines the proper sequence to relieve energetic stress and blockages. I do not see the computer screen clearly, but she instructs me as to what she doing in an assured voice that keeps me at ease.
The most interesting part for me was the chakra reading and balancing. Ulle tells me my heart chakra is disturbed and she needs to balance. Ulle then determines that I have problem with trusting people, and she is right, because I do shoulder too much work and somehow I need to trust people and delegate responsibility. The whole process is non- invasive, pleasant and peaceful. Ulle is constantly writing notes for a final report which is reviewed and then given to me to take home.
In brief, the L.I.F.E system was accurate at detecting my imbalances. I can say that the L.I.F.E system works better than a psychic who non-invasively detects information within the energy field of the human body. It can detect energy patterns which make your body weaker, including, emotional problems, negative thoughts and the physical environment of where you live, including electro- magnetic field pollution. After I got home from the session, I removed all the electronic stuff from my bedroom. I also turned my bed to sleep with my head to the north. I immediately slept better.
I didn’t know exactly what was wrong with me, but I truly believe that this therapy helped me.
The physical sensation of tightness I had in my throat is now gone. During the 1 ½ hour session, the L.I.F.E system detected the disharmony from my body’s energy field and then balanced my negative stressors.

Janika Vaikjarv talks about her experience on L.I.F.E system
(Translation from Estonian language)