* The icelandic horse who rejects any rider after he caused trauma to his guardian.
* The rescued horse in depression due to the death of its mate.
* Ex-racehorse issues: abusive, abused, aggressive attitude, fear, trust, moody, hyper.
* The rescued horse issues: loneliness, nervousness, insecure, anxiety.


Practitioner: Ulle Toomeoja (Certified Biofeedback Therapist) Read more


Rider: Katrin Pill
Horse Name: ROOS (Mare)
Born 12.06.2005, Dutch Riding Horse, 165cm
PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENERGY STRESSORS: Female organs, estrogen, heart, selenium (mineral).
ENERGY BALANCE RECEIVED: anger, irritation (hormonal), self-confidence, communication and trust, root chakra, emotional resistance, resistance to change, fear of exams, self-confidence (of past failure), anger and irritation (past humiliation), aura field (stuck negative emotions and limitations), aura field (environment).


Rider: Katrin Pill
Horse Name: CARLOTTA (Mare)
Born 3.05.2007, Dutch Hot-blooded Horse, 167cm
PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENERGY STRESSORS: Potassium (mineral), cortisol (the stress hormone), immune system, heart, muscles.
ENERGYBALANCE RECEIVED: Emotional trauma, grief, resistance to change, mental blocks, enthusiasm for life, will to live, love, long-lasting grief, inability to accept love, happiness (inner child), fear of exams, fear of change.


Rider: Margit Magi
Horse Name : ARTAS (Mare)
Born 01.01.2005 Lithuanian Riding Horse, 175cm
PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENERGY STRESSORS: Backbone (croup), allergies, lymphatic circulation.
ENERGY BALANCE RECEIVED: irritability, anger, crown chakra, sex chakra, throat chakra, psychological violence (abuse), shock, trauma and disappointment, physical shock and trauma, fears from the past, fears and anxieties which suddenly arise for no apparent reasons, fear of death, acceptance, self-acceptance , self-blame (not doing well enough), oversensitivity, fear of exams, love, self-confidence.


Rider: Margit Magi
Horse Name : DEJA VU (Stallion)
Born 29.04.2008
PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENERGY STRESSORS: Stomach, bones, thyroid, nose, windpipe and the bridge of the nose, lack of oxygen, asbestos, small and large intestines, eyes, lack of iron, iodine, calcium and magnesium.
ENERGY BALANCE RECEIVED: Optimism, spiritual conflict, shock, grief, emotional trauma, psychical violence (abuse), loss and disappointment, physical trauma and shock, acceptance, self-blame, shock and trauma.



Horse Name: CALLIE / Paint, 14 Hands, Abused horse (adopted)
PHYSICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENERGY STRESSORS: Small and large intestines, gluten.
ENERGY BALANCE RECEIVED: Abuse and hurtful memories, trauma/hurtful memories of traumatic incidents, emotional tension, relax mind & body & spirit, sadness, shock and trauma (physical), long lasting grief, anguish related feelings of not fitting in, inability to adapt to new environment, self-blame (not good enough), feeling useless, timid, inability to accept love, love, bliss, aura field (past, stuck emotions and thoughts), aura field ( old thoughts, emotions and limitations), aura field (emotional and physical traumas), exhaustion and burnout (shock and trauma), oversensitivity to all sorts of influences, lack of vitality from emotions, vitality, lethargic, jealousy, stomach chakra, sex chakra, fright, fear patterns, fear that something bad will happens, fears and anxieties which suddenly arise for no apparent reasons.


Horse Name: TRIXIE / Palomino / 14 Hands, Not properly trained by young girl (adopted)
ENERGY BALANCE RECEIVED: Relax mind & body & spirit, relaxation, anxiety, nervous system calming, compulsive, compulsive thinking, emotional stability, resistance to change, defensive, disappointment, mental blocks, root chakra, third eye chakra, crown chakra, happiness, unconditional love, will to learn, aura field (stuck emotions and thoughts), aura field (old thoughts, emotions and limitations), aura field (emotional and physical traumas).


Specific Claims
-BIORESONANTS (B.R.) does not provide any form of medical or curative treatment for any human condition, whether pathological or not.
-The B.R. devices and methods of use are strictly performance enhancement tools; utilizing bio-information produced by electromagnetic fields supplementation to enhance peak human performance.
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-The subconscious or energetic response may take into consideration the possibility of susceptibility, exposure, or pre-disposition to a certain stress factors.