L.I.F.E. SYSTEM is advanced electro-physiological, bioresonance and biofeedback device. The L.I.F.E. System has been EC certified and registered (# G1070757680004) throughout the EUROPEAN UNION as a CLASS 2A MEDICAL INSTRUMENT and manufactured in GERMANY.
That means a QUALITY GUARANTEE from the production of all components in the hardware, software validation and to the effects on the clients.
This certification is the result of almost 2 years of tests, controls and documentation, and 2 double-blind studies has been performed, with significant results and the notified body is approved by TÜV (TÜV SÜD, ISO-13485-2003V).
The protocol helps correct imbalances to the clients electro-magnetic stress level. Stress begins when the body produces a negative frequency response to stimulus, which if not managed by the body’s own natural resources, can lead to the development of a negative adaptation response. If stress is not resolved bio-electrically, symptoms appear. Imbalances usually begin at the cellular level, progress to tissue and organ level, and eventually involve entire body systems.

L.I.F.E. system
– facilitates healing through energetic intervention to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms;
– used to balance stressors, integrate mind and body, stimulates awareness and self-responsibility that fosters balance of the mind-body system;
– gives a voice to the subconscious and allows the body to speak of its character from the inside out. We are thus able to identify hidden information about how your body is stressed, and what we can do to relieve that stress;
– communicates on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, thereby helping the WHOLE person.
– obtains a response to over 7000 items in less than 7 minutes Indications in over 40 categories. It measures the reaction to many individual vibrational signals using voltage, amperage, and resistance. *Most electromagnetic devices only offer one way therapy. The L.I.F.E. System gives and receives signals. It also evaluates and changes the signal/therapy;
– has the world’s LARGEST MEDICAL SOFTWARE package combined with a medical biofeedback testing device and compares the tri-vector frequencies of complex mathematical calculations of the body;
-The L.I.F.E. System belongs to a second generation of biofeedback devices. The first generation included point probe devices, like Bi-com and Mora;
– analyzes the current energetic health condition of the client‘s entire body through reactivity testing by using head, ankle and wrist bands connected to a computer interface using real time biological data;
– develops the proper protocol for balancing each clients emotional, mental, psychological, physiological and biological stress factors;
– corrects imbalances by utilizing collected information from electro-magnetic frequencies sent out via advanced computer-software and a high technology interface box;
– will detect potential ailments before they have time to physically emerge.

Stress Detection and Stress Reduction
Works by reducing the stresses on a body at the electro-magnetic level. Stress begins by producing an alarm response in the body, which if not managed by the body’s own natural resources, can lead to the development of an adaptation response. If stress is not resolved, symptoms appear. Imbalances usually begin at the cell level, progress to tissue and organ level, and may involve whole body systems.
Stress may result from a large number of factors including:
* Thoughts of self-doubt that block perceptual awareness
* Nutritional deficiencies
* Inadequate intake of water or oxygen
* Toxic stress factors such as fungus, bacteria, viruses, chemical agents
* The presence of heavy metals
* Prescription drugs or other synthetic compounds
* Geopathic stressors such as metal, water, electricity (60Htz, power lines)
* Parasites and allergens
* Genetic predisposition
* Bio-field contamination from radiation, microwaves and EMF’s

Biofeedback does not conflict with any traditional medical practices, medications, therapies, labs, or treatments.

The Main Reactivity Fractal Image Testing / Assessment include the following groups: Allergens, Amino Acids, Ayurvedic, Bacteria, Bones, Brain, Chromosome, Circulation, Dental, Digestive, Disease, Drainage, Ears, Enzymes, Eyes, Flower Essence, Fungus, Glands, Heavy Metals, Homeopathic, Hormones, Lymph, Meridians, Miasms, Minerals, Muscles, Nerves, Nosodes, Parasites, Pesticides, Respiratory, Sanum, Sarcodes, Sinus, Spinal, Toxins, Vaccines, Virus, Vitamins.

The Main Reactivity Test Profile will decide which of the 40 full-featured programs including physiological, psychological as well as emotional will be best suited to address each client needs.
* Emotional and Physical Traumas
* Emotional, Psychological Stress and Conflicts
* Emotional and Physical Shocks
* Chakras & Aura field
* Genetic Stress
* Brain, Brain Waves, ADD, ADHD
* Bio-specific Stress of the Brain
* Chromosomes, Genes, Cells, Glands
* Organ and Condition Specific
* Nervous System
* Parasites, Worms
* Bacteria, Pathogens, Pesticides, Toxins, Heavy Metals
* Fungus, Yeast, Mold, Viruses, Vaccines
* Hormone Levels
* Circulation & Heart
* Allergies
* Spinal, Cranial, Sacral
* Ears
* Eyes
* Sinuses
* Respiration
* Digestion
* Lymph System
* Nerves
* Bones, Muscles, Cartilage, Ligaments
* Sports Injury
* Meridian Profile / Acupuncture
* Nutritional Deficiencies
* Natural Health Products Reactivity Testing
* Miasms & Anti-Aging
* Cosmetic
* Homeopathy
* Dental
* Iridology
* Animal / Pet Specific

Even though L.I.F.E. system is a medically approved system, it can not make any medical claims to diagnose, treat or cure illness.