– Based on Newton Physics and views the body as a biomachine.
– Sees the brain as biocomputer with consciousness as a by-product of the brain’s electrical activity.
– Emotions thought to influence illness through neurohormonal connections between brain and body.
– Treatments with drugs and surgery to “fix” abnormal biomechanisms in the physical body.

– Based on Einsteinian and Quantum Physics.
– Views the body as a dynamic energy system.
– Mind and Spirit are true sources of consciousness (the actual operator who runs the brain / biocomputer).
– Emotions and spirit can influence illness via energetic and neurohormonal connections among body, mind and spirit.
– Treatments with different forms and frequencies of energy to balance body, mind and spirit.

Our understanding of the very structure of the physical body, when viewed from the subatomic level of our molecular makeup, has recently led many scientists and leading-edge thinkers to believe that human beings are more than just biological machines with parts that age and wear down. If we just sophisticated machines, we might very well need only a better knowledge of replacement parts and techniques for biological engine returning in order to heal from illness and the ravages of time. However, the model of humans as mere biomachines has not led doctors to the anxiously awaited breakthroughs in healing that the chronic diseases of our modern industrialized societies require.

Whereas the existing worldview of medicine sees the body as a great clockwork machine of biological gears and parts, the new worldview of healing sees the body as a complex energy system. The present worldview of medicine sees illness something that happens to people because of exposure to an infectious bacterium or virus, a trauma to the body, a toxic chemical ingestion, or an inherited abnormal gene. The new paradigm of healing digs deeper into what makes us holder of disease. Our current worldview of medicine does not consider consciousness to be an important causative factor in illness but, instead, merely a by-product of the neurochemical and electrical reactions in a person’s brain.

Vibrational Energy Medicine is based upon modern scientific insights into the energetic nature of the atoms and molecules making up our bodies, combined with ancient mystical observations of the body’s unique life-energy systems that are critical but less well understood aspects of human functioning. Rather that seeing the body as a sophisticated machine, animated only by electrochemical reactions, Vibrational Energy Medicine views the body as a complex, integrated life-energy system that provides a vehicle for human consciousness as well as a temporary housing for the creative expression of the human soul.
In the world of Vibrational Energy Medicine, illness is thought to be caused not only by germs, chemical toxins, and physical trauma but also by chronic dysfunctional emotional-energy patterns and unhealthy ways of relating to ourselves and to other people. Rather than relying on drugs and scalpels to treat illness, the Vibrational Energy Medicine approach to healing employs the use of different forms of energy, both electromagnetic and subtle life energy, to bring about healing changes it the body, mind, and spirit of the sick individual.

There are many human energy fields. These include the physically measurable electromagnetic and magnetic fields generated by all living cells, tissues, and organs, and the body as a whole.
All the atoms and subatomic particles making up the human body are also a kind of frozen energy as well. This means people can be considered complex bundles of frozen energy.
Since all energy vibrates and oscillates at different rates, then, at least at the atomic level, the human body is really composed of different kinds of vibrating energy. The term “Vibrational Energy Medicine” comes from this fact. More specifically, vibrational medicine is an approach to the diagnosis and treatment of illness based upon the idea that we are all unique energy systems. By using a Vibrational Energy Medicine approach, it is possible to diagnose different types of illnesses based on a knowledge of the different frequencies of energy that can be measured coming from the human body. This idea is certainly not new. For example, many doctors routinely order electrocardiograms (EKGs) on patients as a part of their yearly exams. The electrical energy coming from the heart can give doctors information about whether the heart is functioning properly.
Thus, the measurement of the heart’s electrical energy, as simple EKG, is actually a form of Vibrational Energy Medicine diagnosis.
The concept of the body as a complex system is part of a new scientific worldview gradually gaining acceptance in the eyes of modern medicine.
The older, yet prevailing, view of the human body is still based upon an antiquated model of human functioning that sees the body as a sophisticated machine. In this old worldview, the heart is merely a mechanical pump, the kidney a filter of blood, and the muscles and skeleton a mechanical framework of pulleys and levers. The old worldview is based upon Newtonian physics. The Newtonian scientists viewed the universe itself as a gigantic machine, somewhat like a great clock. It followed, that the human body was a machine as well.

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